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All Things AWS re:Invent 2019

Retargeting In Online Politics

Cybersecurity Patching in Context

Business Email Compromise

Privacy Expectations

NULL & Input Validation

AppSec Is Dead

FaceApp: Relax You're Just Old (Now)

10x Engineers & The Real Cybersecurity Problem

NBA Free Agency vs Security Policies

Update On Mornings With Mark

Cybersecurity Motivations

Apple WWDC Privacy Update

Web Browser Privacy

Nest, IoT, and Your Privacy

Huawei, Android, and Cybersecurity

Porn & Digital Identity

Borders & Cybersecurity

Facebook's F8 & Information Management

James Harden & Cybersecurity Policy

Cybersecurity Time Crunch

Facial Recognition Consent

Facebook's Security Fail

Metadata Trails

Perfectionism In Tech

Serverless Is An Ops Model

Cybersecurity & Technical Debt

Exposing Secrets In Code

Stadia & Secure Access Design

Cybersecurity Needs Coders

Cloud Costs & Security

Services & Privacy Perceptions

The Cybersecurity Industry

Warrant Canaries

Secret App Telemetry

Your Child's Digital Identity

DNS Hijacking

Terms of Service

Canadian Election Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Research Consequences

Cryptocurrencies & Cybercrime

Facebook & The Value of Privacy

GDPR Intentions

Facebook's 10 Year Challenge

Zero vs. Lean Trust

773M Credentials

Konmari Your Data

Tracking Smartphone Data

Setting Up 2019

Squad Goals

On The Importance Of Names

Unexpected Lessons

Law and The Internet

Security Metrics 🗑🔥

Fortnite, A Service Delivery Example

Australia, Huawei, Apple, and the Government of Canada

Delivering Information With Context

Communication At Scale

Preparation Is Key

Signals And The Data Explosion

You Can't Blame 'Em

Optimize Your Tools

The Internet Is Forever

Politics & Attack Attribution

Master Your Tools

Know Your Audience

Automating Your Job

Refreshing Your Perspective

Building On Trust

Building On Fragile Layers

Keep Decisions Up To Date

User Experience Is Critical

The War Room

Being An Educated Social Media User

DRUGS!!! and IT Risk and Graphs

Virtual Experiences & Content Delivery

Communicating FOR Your Audience

Facebook...ugh...%$&#ing, Facebook

Google+ & Infrastructure Monitoring

AWS re:Invent 2018

Evidence, Accusations, and Motivation

Bloomberg, Supermicro, and Hardware Supply Chain Attacks

Following Up On Tough News

How To Deliver Tough News

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

50 Million Facebook Accounts Hacked?!?

Facebook, Shadow Profiles, & Data Brokers

End-to-end Encryption & WhatsApp

Amazon Alexa Everywhere

What Do You Look To Get Out Of Conferences?

Security Is A Quality Issue

The Basic Basics

Cybersecurity Basics #12 - Bolt-on vs Built-in

Cybersecurity Basics #11a - Risk Assessments Redux

Cybersecurity Basics #11 - Risk Assessments & Pen Tests

Cybersecurity Basics #10 - Personally Identifiable Information

Family Locator Apps: Mother Is Big Brother?

Cybersecurity Basics #9 - Attack Attribution

Cybersecurity Basics #8 - Authentication, Authorization, & Need To Know

Cybersecurity Basics #7 - Hackers & Cybercriminals

Cybersecurity Basics #6 - Malware

Cybersecurity Basics #5 - Encryption

Cybersecurity Basics #4 - Perspective

VPNs: Privacy Protection...Sometimes

Cybersecurity Basics #3 - Passwords

Cybersecurity Basics #2 - Vulnerabilities, Exploits, and Threats

Cybersecurity Basics #1 - The Goal

Recharged, Reset, & Rocking

G Suite For Education: Parental Concerns

The Basics

Operational Security

3D Printing: You Made That?

Easy To Use Tools

Learning From Failure

Toxicity & Security's Responsibility

Discussions At Scale

Deep Fakes: Was That Real?

HR Challenges & Getting Your First Security Role

Security Keys, UX, & Reasonable Choices

Constant Negative Pressure

Assumptions & Outdated Mental Models

Getting Started In Security: Post Certification

Smartphone Addiction: Intended Consequence?

Remote Work, Cubes, & Everything In Between

Balance & Burnout

Ignorance & Risk

Facial Recognition: Discussion Required

Document, Automate, Repeat

Cybersecurity: Getting Past HR

🧠 A.I. In Context

Fortnite: A Good Example

Fortnite, UI Patterns, and Desired Behaviours

Google Duplex: Are We Ready For Human-sounding Computers?

Working Together To Improve Security

Security Thinking Is Service Design Thinking

Don't Trust The Network

Tanacon, Security, and Lack of a Threat Model

Culture Change Is Hard

Ethics And Action In Technology

Ethics In Technology And Cybersecurity

Getting Started In Cybersecurity & Perspective

Apple, Graylock, And Context

Google In Schools

Cryptocurrency & High Value Targets

Net Neutrality

Apple, WWDC, and Your Privacy

Developer Workflow 101

Transparency & Backpedaling

Why Can't Security Place Nice With Others?

What's In A Name?

Information Security vs. Cybersecurity

University for Cybersecurity

OpSec, Soft Skills, And People

Data Management & GDPR

🇪🇺 GDPR Day!

Encryption Law Enforcement And Transparency

3, 2, 1, GDPR

Listening To Customers

Being Transparent With User Data

Ethics In Technology & Security

Making A Break To Start Your Cybersecurity Career

What You Need To Get Started In Cybersecurity

A.I. Amok

AI's Security & Privacy Impact

Getting Started In Cybersecurity In A Positive Direction

F**king Passwords

The F8 Fallout

Password Health

F8 & The Future Of Facebook

The Hallway Track

Your Role As A Security Educator

Poor Naming Choice For Gmail Redesign

The Cybersecurity Paradox in Operational Technologies

Live Streaming and Needless Complexity

The Canadian Criminal Code on Hacking

The Security Team's Role In Your Org

Blocking IP Addresses

Fear Uncertainty And Doubt

iOS Graykey And Going Dark

Apple vs. The FBI

Splitting Hairs With Facebook Testimony

Privacy And Security vs. Usability

Video Streaming Options

AWS San Francisco Summit 2018 Recap

Ubiquitous Digital Tracking

Facebook Data Mining & The Long Weekend Round-up

Changing Perspectives & The Unraveling Of Online Tracking

Working With Data

Facebook Data Downloads

One Billion Attacks Per Day

Privacy At Scale

Terms of Service

Organizational Design and OT Risk

Facebook Data Misuse And Social Network Responsibility

CPUs, ICOs, and Blockchains

Rizenfall And Needless Hype

Nervous For SXSW

SXSW Audience Level

Rogue Robots

DDoS Attacks & Community Responsibility

Secure Systems Thinking

New Website

Apple iOS 11 Security

Cybersecurity In & Of Canada

Passwords, Educatiing Users, and the Communal Good

Python Extension Modules in AWS Lambda

Workflow, Passwords, and More

DevOps Overload

Voice Interfaces

Apple Unicode Bug

Blockchain For Identities

Risk Assessments & The Risk Of No Data

Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games Hack