Mornings With Mark // Week 002

The first week of “Mornings With Mark” went well. There were some technical challenges (as expected) but each episode ironed out a few of those and by the end of the week, the look of the show was really coming together.

Here’s what happened in week two which was shortened by the holiday…

no. 006

Wired had a fantastic article on the huge uptake of voice interfaces. This echoes one of the main themes at AWS re:Invent 2017. In this episode, I was thinking about the benefits as well as some of the security and privacy challenges.

no. 007

A news article was posted highlighting a wave of exposed management interfaces and at least one team’s AWS API keys were exposed in a 3rd party tool as a result. This is something that comes up in conversations I have often. The cloud amplifies ability but it also puts more of the teams shoulders. Are teams overloaded in a DevOps culture?

no. 008

Troy Hunt published v2 of PwnedPasswords which is a massive archive of hashed passwords. The goal is to provide a resource so builders can check new passwords against these commonly used ones.

This lead to a bit of a discussion on my workflow and goal with this show. I’m hoping to get some time to do a deeper dive on Troy’s dataset.

no. 009

Security “awareness” programs p–s me off. I don’t really hide that too well in this episode. The security community really needs to do a better job in educating users and helping them to make better decisions about security and privacy.