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Industrial robot working. #roguerobots

SXSW // Rogue Robots and the Potential for Cyberattack

At SXSW this year, I’m tackling the topics of robots and how the environment that we’re using them in. This is a really fascinating topic as the popular perception of robots doesn’t really line up with the current reality.

Part of that is movies, TV, and sci-fi in general. Part of it is that we really don’t see the masses of robots that are working tirelessly to make our modern world work.

If you’re at SXSW, please come by and check out the talk. If you’re not on-site, don’t worry. I’ll be publishing a lot more on this topic soon.


Mark presenting to the audience. Slide displaying on the side displaying risk ratings for application components spilt screen on the right

AWS re:Invent 2017 // Securing Serverless Applications Step-by-step

Serverless applications let you focus on solving the problem at hand. Gone are most of the worries of traditional solutions. No more support code. No more building out infrastructure to deliver your application. This means you have to do less and get more in return. It also means traditional approaches to security aren’t even possible

This talk tackles the specific steps you need to take to build security into the fabric of these application within the AWS Cloud.

Mark presenting to the audience. Slide displaying on the side with, 'The state of serverless security is strong...maybe' displayed spilt screen on the right

ServerlessConf NYC // The State of Serverless Security

Serverless designs are changing the way we write applications. Removing most of the burden of operations and allowing a focus purely on the solution at hand. Unfortunately—at the same time—these designs have also challenged the fundamentals of cybersecurity. When you control none of the infrastructure and have minimal access to the code running your solution, how can you apply security controls?

In this keynote, we looked at this question and more.

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